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12 Emotions Fundraisers Feel on FEC Filing Day

Vicky Schumacher

In honor of tomorrow's deadline, discover all of the feels leading up to filing day:


When it’s March and you’re on point to hit this quarter’s fundraising goals.



When your end-of-quarter email campaign rolls out and makes bank. One-click donate FTW.



When you realize half of the people who filled in their online contribution forms wrote things like “ninja” and “businessman” for their occupations. 



When your fundraiser drops off a huge stack of checks...



...and then you realize how long it will take to process, deposit, and enter those checks.



When your reconciliation is unexpectedly off by $11.92.



When you correct some discrepancies and it's still off by $3.98. 



Now it's somehow off by $1.73. You start wonder if this is the right career for you. 



When it’s April 9th and [insert candidate, board member, or top fundraiser name here] hands you a check he/she found in a jacket pocket from an event back in March. 



When you reconcile accounts again and everything finally matches!! 



When you finally get to click “file” and send that bad boy off to the FEC. 



And on April 16th...



Go ahead and have yourself a nap. You deserve it! 

(All gifs courtesy of Giphy.)



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