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[VIDEO] The 3 Nonprofit Digital Trends to Watch in 2016

Marcella Vitulli

‘Tis the season for trend forecasting! Recently, we took a break from reflecting on an exciting year here at EveryAction to look ahead to 2016 and the trends that will shape the nonprofit sector.

Spoiler: there's a lot to look forward to, especially in digital.

We gathered around the 'fire' to chat with Mike Liddell, the head of all things digital at EveryAction, to hear more about advancements in design and social advocacy, and how nonprofits will use data in the coming year.

Here's a short clip and some highlights from our fireside chat. Want full access? Watch the entire video now.


Beyond mobile: what’s next in design

This year, we began to see nonprofits prioritizing mobile responsive design on websites and in email (finally). In 2016, we'll begin seeing a shift in best practice that moves us beyond mobile responsiveness to "context-first" design.

You may be thinking, “What does my design team need to know about context-first design?”

For starters, ask yourself a different question: “What else can we know about a user?” From there, the idea of designing around the context of supporters' user experiences really begins to take shape.

Designers in the digital space will begin to explore (if they haven't already) considerations like location, input support, bandwidth, and even device battery level when making design determinations.

This amounts to taking an even closer look at what will make user experiences better, something we (as those designers and end-users ourselves) can't wait to see more of in 2016 and beyond.


Social as a way to make change

Advocacy on social media will make a big departure from just retweets and likes in 2016. While nonprofits will continue to infuse social media into advocacy and fundraising strategy, their ability to integrate more fully with social platforms will really amplify the impact of their work.


Leveraging 360 degrees of data

Organizations in-the-know will prioritize better understanding and utilizing the data at their disposal. Doing so will enable them to run more powerful searches, create better models, and purposefully apply their analytics.

Harnessing the power of this data for online advertising and email alone will help nonprofits make smarter decisions about how they expend their resources.


Want more 2016 trends? Check out the full video, which features more expert insights on building strong sustaining donor relationships and creating a sense of community in your nonprofit marketing.



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