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4 Free Campaign Tools You're Probably Forgetting

Marcella Vitulli

Imagine your nonprofit is gearing up for a big initiative and, after lots and lots of research, you've settled on the amazing tools you're going to use for things like fundraising, marketing, and outreach.

What if I told you that nonprofits tend to overlook some of the most helpful, inexpensive campaign tools at their disposal?




Your Great Story

I hate to sound like a broken record, but nonprofit storytelling is critically important for fundraising success - and if you're tired of hearing that, you're probably not doing it right.

Storytelling is so much more than your "About Us" page. Good stories can shape the way past, present, and future supporters interact with your organization.

And great storytelling has an even broader potential reach because provides the authenticity and relatablity to inspire real engagement and action.

In order for nonprofits to stand out, they have to separate from the pack and showcase what makes them truly unique. Luckily, inspiration for great stories is readily available to you: tap your existing supporters, volunteers, and staff for anecdotes - great stories just waiting to be told!


Receipt Emails

It might sound surprising, but the receipt emails you're sending after a donation could be a huge missed opportunity for further engagement.

How huge? Factoring in the tendency for these messages to be opened repeatedly, the average open rate for receipt emails is 100% greater than bulk email

Ready to start capitalizing on that staggering stat? It's simple, really: sharing buttons. Recipients are 55% more likely to click-through if social sharing buttons appear in receipt emails, so make sure your messages include them!

If you're trying to get a viral-type response to your campaign (we don't recommend it), sharing needs to be simple. So once you've captured a donation, give donors the easiest opportunity to post about your campaign in a place they're more likely to do it. 


better nonprofit fundraising emails


Your Versatile Board 

Nonprofit boards aren't failing at fundraising, but they're not doing great. A hefty 60% of nonprofit execs say it's the area in which their boards can improve the most, giving them a grade of B-. Ouch.

If that grade doesn't surprise you (or you're surprised it's that high), you may be taking the wrong approach to engaging your board effectively in fundraising for your nonprofit.

Your board can be a better fundraising resource if you utilize their strengths instead of just having them make the ask. Board members can also fill vital roles like brand ambassador, establish and maintain accountability among their peers, or take on the pleasurable task of saying thank you to donors instead. (Check out this cool infographic for more board actions outside of the ask.)


Social Influencers

Experts on your cause, professionals in the field, and arbiters of the latest-and-best information related to your mission can seriously boost your campaign's reach.

Considering the ease and frequency with which we share online, there's a seemingly endless sea of information out there, and social influencers act as reference points for people interested in your cause. 

In the world of nonprofits, the top 5% of influencers on an organization's mailing list can reach an average of 34 million people or 85% of the network - that's some serious word-of-mouth!

That said, connect and foster relationships with these influencers online in the lead up to your campaign. Once familiarized with your organization and the passionate staff working to further its cause, you may find your content in their next tweet, blog post, or blast email.


We'll be talking more about the right way to do campaign outreach next week, so be sure to subscribe to the blog so you never miss an update!

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