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6 Free Mobile Responsive Email Templates for Nonprofits

Elliot Rysenbry

Mobile has changed the face of the internet. Responsive web design has gone from a perk, to a need, to a must.

But what about email? Somewhere between 50% and 66% of emails are opened on mobile devices, yet many organizations are failing when it comes to making email readable on mobile devices by using mobile email templates.

If your email doesn’t sit pretty on mobile, you can bet that people will hit delete without a second thought.

Getting a custom designed email template can be expensive.

But did you know that most vendors will gladly help you implement pre-built email templates into their system, free of cost?

There are thousands of email templates out there to spruce up your email marketing. Simply contact your email vendor, tell them you'd like to use one of these templates, and they should be willing to help you load them into whatever tool you're using.

Here are 6 plug-and-play, no-cost email templates to start you off with.


1. Jason Rodriguez's Salted


This is a favorite of ours because of the simple flat design and the variety of sections available in the scrolling layout. It's also very robust and should work well in any email client and through any vendor.

Download it here.


2. Lee Munroe's Simple Responsive Template



We particularly like this because, despite the fact it isn't all that flashy, it's probably the best suited to the sorts of emails many nonprofits, PACs, and unions actually use. If you're sending mainly text emails, this is a perfect way to polish their presentation on any device.

Download it here.


3. Email on Acid's Responsive Design



Flashy, playful, and modern. A great way to stand out from the crowd - especially if you send longer emails with a lot of different sections and ideas. Just make sure to take the time to customize it.

Download it here.


4. InterNation's Antwort 1.0



Antwort's offering gives you a couple of different options - all responsive and all very aesthetically beautiful. Pick one and watch your engagement rates increase as mobile users read through rather than swipe out.

Download it here.


5. Ted Goas's Cerebus


This is a great compromise between the flashy and more complex designs, and the simplicity of Munroe's template. And you'll have an easy time rebranding it for your needs.

Download it here


6. Zurb.com's Ink


Ink's design gives you a spot for your logo, sharing links, and contact info without overcomplicating things. If you've got some rudimentary tech skills, you can change the font, margin and a few colors to make it feel custom.

Download it here. 


And more...

Those are all great free options to get you started - although some require a little tinkering. However, there's much more out there if you're willing to pay even a nominal fee.

Websites like ThemeForest offer literally thousands of templates. Paid templates even come with quick and easy editors, meaning you can tweak and hone your template without needing to be a code warrior.

Here’s two examples to get you started:







They both have live demos, so jump right in and try them out!

In most situations, these templates will serve your needs with little or no modification, saving you time and money. What's more, you'll be able to reach your supporters on the one platform they're most intimately connected with - their mobile devices.

Pretty cool, right?

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