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7 Year-End Campaigns to Study for a Stellar Fundraising Season

Rohita Javangula

The year is almost over but nonprofits around the world are busy with year-end giving, all leading up to one of the largest giving days of the year: December 31st.

With December in full swing and the pressure of living up to arguably the best fundraising month, we know things can get overwhelming. To help you make the most out of your year-end appeals, we’ve put together a list of seven nonprofits that are rocking this giving season. For each campaign we have provided key takeaways and how you can adopt these strategies into your own work.


Forward Together

Forward Together kicks it off with a tried and true method of maximizing year-end contributions—matched contributions.The key to using matched contributions for a year-end campaign is to: (1) have a firm deadline to instill a sense of urgency; (2) clear copy to show donors where their donations are going; (3) an easy to navigate and beautiful donation form.

Hunger Task Force

The Hunger Task Force includes end of year calls-to-action throughout their winter newsletter. Some great examples include holiday cards with some of the proceeds going back to the organization, a graphic illustrating their year end fundraising goal, and a personal note from donors about giving back. If you have a newsletter, try incorporating some of these strategies to warm up your donors. If you don’t have a newsletter, start testing out different email strategies with these same features. See what works best and then as we get closer to the end of the year you’ll be prepped and set!


UNICEF knocks it out of the park with a whole microsite dedicated to their year end giving campaign—give hope. From stunning graphics, to a moving video, to personal stories, this site is the perfect formula for year end success. You probably already have so many great resources on your website already. Why not put together some key features, images, and stories into a specific year end page?

Environment America

Environment America puts year-end giving front and center with a pop up call out box as soon as you go to their page. This stunning image (that’s animated on their site) gives you the option to enter your email address and start giving! On the homepage of your website add a callout box so that the first thing people see is a call to action to donate.

The Climate Reality Project

The Climate Reality Project puts their own spin on year end with their “24 days of giving challenge.” This playful spin encourages donors to give now to have their contributions matched. Countdowns are a great way to instill a sense of urgency with your donor base. For your countdown try sharing a graphic on social media every day about the work you do while encouraging people to donate.

Texas Watch

To encourage new donors, Texas Watch calls their sustainer program “Friends in the Fight.” By donating a certain amount monthly, donors will receive a badge, email updates, and invitations for consumer advocacy efforts. If you don’t already, year-end is a great time of the year to have a “donor tier” like this. Give it a catchy name and add some perks so your donors feel special.

Women to Women International

Women to Women International uses the idea of holiday gift giving to solicit donations. On this page they ask prospective donors to select a meaningful gift. Each gift has a corresponding price and service it will help provide. For example, a donation of $55 can help provide school fees. This is a great way to take advantage of the giving season while adding a creative twist and showing the impact your organization makes.


Have a year-end campaign that you love? Let's see it! If you have any questions or want to learn more about how EveryAction can help you achieve your fundraising goals you can email us here or request a demo of our best-in-class nonprofit tools. 

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