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How Autism Society and Other Health Nonprofits Are Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Health Care

Rohita Javangula

(This is the second post in our series featuring innovative ways nonprofits are using technology to build a better world. Click here to read about how Greenpeace and other environmental organizations are building a better world.)

This week, we’re highlighting nonprofits that work in the health sector. From advocating for better healthcare for Coloradans to improving the quality of life for those with neuro-immune disorders, these organizations are not only making a difference in the world but are bridging the gap between technology and health care.

Autism Society

For over 50 years, the Autism Society has been improving the lives of all those affected by Autism. With over 100 state and local affiliates, they’re hard at work building inclusive communities, providing education and training, and raising awareness. Of the many ways for supporters to get involved in their work, reaching out to elected officials is at the top of the list.

Through advocacy, the Autism Society defines so much of their work. This includes giving supporters the opportunity to raise their own voice and advocate for what they want from elected officials. Whether it’s inquiring on the types of services provided for people with autism or a call-to-action to increase funding for these programs, the Autism Society is making it easier for supporters to reach out to elected officials and take action!

Autism Society

EveryAction’s elected official lookup tool does just that. Less than half of Americans know who their elected officials are and this can present a challenge to nonprofits trying to mobilize supporters. Beyond telling you who your official is, we went one step further and gave you all their contact information. From the basics like their Twitter handle and email to their office address and what subcommittee they sit on. We’re proud that we can empower every day people to become activists for issues as important as this.

Center for Health Progress

Center for Health Progress wants a healthcare system that benefits all Colorodans regardless of race, income, or zip code. Through policy advocacy, organizing, and community partnerships, they’re working towards achieve lasting change in health equity.

Part of that strategy is evident on their donation forms. Aside from one-time or monthly donation form options, Center for Health Progress has a separate donation page urging supporters to become members. With the donation amount for an individual starting at $100+ and for organizations starting at $250+, supporters are encouraged not only to donate larger amounts but to continue their contribution to be a yearly gift. This not only helps solidify a long-term donor base but makes supporters feel even more effective. They even have a page on their website recognizing their members - way to make your donors feel special!

This is a good example of deploying an effective strategy using EveryAction’s donation forms. Creating a membership program to cultivate donor loyalty is an excellent way to create a solid donor base that can last for years.

St. Johns Hospital Foundation

The St. Johns Hospital Foundation works to increase awareness and financial support for St. John’s Medical Center by educating the public and cultivating philanthropy. With a mission as important as this, it is vital to have easy and clear donation forms to ensure the Medical Center is getting the support it needs! Aside from having a stunning donation page, St. John's Hospital Foundation takes advantage of one of many great EveryAction features: FastAction.

FastAction is a safe and secure way for your supporters to save contact and payment information, allowing them to easily engage in the future with a single click. Supporters’ information is securely saved so the next time they go to your donation or advocacy form it’s all filled in and ready to go! You can even take it one step further and send one click donation asks in fundraising emails. With one click you’re converting supporters into donors and raising more money!

The Transverse Myelitis Association

The Transverse Myelitis Association is dedicated to children, adolescents, and adults with a spectrum of rare neuro-immune disorders. In their support of these individuals, they work to increase awareness, empower patients, families, and clinicians while building a collaborative health care network and advancing scientific research. Like most nonprofits, the Transverse Myelitis Association relies on engaged and mobilized supporters.

One of the most effective ways to get supporters directly involved in the mission of your organization is through peer-to-peer fundraising. A supporter simply creates their own personal online contribution form and shares it with their colleagues, friends, and family members. After submitting basic information, supporters can edit their goals, add a bio, and even attach images for a personal touch. Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great tool to have at your disposal, especially when you’re looking to turn passive supporters into power fundraisers.

We’re proud to power these and so many more nonprofits. We hope this list inspires you to take advantage of technology to further engage your supporters and maximize your impact. 

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