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Introducing Basic Pages on EveryAction

The EveryAction Team

Some nonprofit communications and digital staffers may not have easy access to edit their CMS/website platform, but need to quickly spin up a basic page with information or helpful links for their supporters. We've recently built out Basic Pages on EveryAction to empower users to do just that. 

Basic Pages are available for all EveryAction packages, and allow users to display content without collecting information from supporters. These pages can be used to supplement EveryAction Online Action forms, such as to provide additional information about an event, links to multiple forms, images, or other basic HTML content:

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 12.57.16 PM.pngCreating a basic page is simple, and follows the same process as setting up any other form within Online Actions.  

Have questions about basic pages or other new EveryAction features? Email community@everyaction.com!