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Before you attend Rootscamp, stop and make sure you know these 10 things

Max Kamin-Cross

If this is your first time coming to RootsCamp, then welcome!  If you’re a seasoned pro (like many on the EveryAction team) then we’re excited to see you again. If you aren't attending, there's still time! Tickets are on sale until the end of the week.

RootsCamp is what’s known as an "unconference", where the agenda is driven by the people who attend, making it one of our favorite conferences. 

This makes it an informal, at times chaotic, and always fun event.

In order to get the most of it you'll have to be Eagle Scout levels of prepared - and that's why we've prepared these 10 tips.


1. Find someone who knows more people than you + follow them around

Not in a creepy way! But especially if it’s your first time, making friends with people who have attended before is a great way to learn the ropes.

2. Download the Rootscamp App

Because of RootsCamp’s “unconference” style, the sessions are always changing so it’s important to keep track of where you want to be. Download the app here.

3. Dress in layers

The convention center can get chilly. Combined with the cloudy weather we’re expecting this weekend, bringing a sweatshirt (and probably a coat) is definitely recommended.

4. Bring a water bottle

Seriously. You’ll be running around the conference with your head full of new ideas and information, making it easy to forget about essential needs like water.

It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the conference, so make it easy and take a water bottle!

5. Keep calm

There’s a lot to do and see, but there’s no need to over-do it.

If you’re feeling flustered and need to visit that place of inner peace, you can attend the Inner VAN session.

It’s on Sunday from 3:15 – 4:15 in 152B. Leave your worries at the door.

6. Bring a notepad/laptop

Once this is all over, you’ll want to remember what you saw and did!  

With events like 2016 Disrupt peeking into the tech of the future, you’ll want to take away as much information as you can.

Bring along a handy laptop (or notepad if that’s your style) to take notes on. 

7. Get your I <3 VAN sticker early on

With NGP VAN preparing to release VAN5, there’ll be some awesome stickers floating around RootsCamp.

There’s a limited supply, so make sure to snag one early in the weekend so everyone can see you’re in the know.

All the cool kids will have them.

8. Stop by the Career Fair

Whether you’re actively looking for a job or not, the career fair is a great place to network. 

Just remember to bring some business cards and resumes!  

9. Write on people's business cards

When you finally head home, you'll want to make sure all the connections you made don't get lost in the haze of the weekend. 

Take business cards from the people you meet, and make a few notes on the back about who they are and what you talked about. That way, when you call or email them on Monday you'll know how to restart the conversation.

10. Finally, meet new people and have fun!

RootsCamp is all about learning new things - so make sure you get outside your comfort zone, make new friends, and network like a boss.

You’ll thank yourself later. 

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