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The Biggest Social Media Mistakes to Avoid During Your Next Nonprofit Campaign [Part 2]

Marcella Vitulli

We called on Ritu Sharma, social media expert and CEO of Social Media for Nonprofits, for some advice on mistakes to avoid during your next nonprofit campaign. Read on for Part 2 of her post! (If you missed Part 1, check it out here!)



Every campaign should evolve from the last one – if your metrics tell you certain strategies didn’t yield results, it’s time to try something new. Didn’t measure your last campaign? Measure this one so you can refine future campaigns to be most effective. 

And while you do want to have a final picture when all is said and done, don’t wait until the end to track insights. Real-time is where it’s at these days, and while you may not have the budget for an expensive analytics platform to keep you on top of every social interaction as it happens, you DO have information available via Facebook and Twitter, and now even Pinterest, that you can check daily – so do. Continue with what’s working, and course-correct what’s not.



Little things can have a big impact – so take the time to attend to the details. For example:

Changing your Facebook banner for the duration of your campaign – A strategic image and overlying text will call attention to your campaign. You can find dimensions and instructions for cropping here. Don’t change your profile picture though – that’s how your followers recognize your page in their newsfeeds.

Spell-checking – “Netspeak” may be the rage with younger users, but you’re a professional organization and should behave as such. Use full words (not “u” for “you”), proper spelling and grammar, and save the slang for your personal accounts. 

Redundant links in statuses – When you copy/paste links to Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, the link will populate a preview of the linked page for visitors to click on. Once the preview appears, delete the text version of the link from the status box, leaving only your status text. It just looks nicer.



The worst mistake you can make is to assume you only need to worry about social during a specific campaign. Nothing could be more wrong – because without a consistent social media presence, you won’t have anyone to promote your campaigns to. Social marketing isn’t seasonal.

The only thing that changes during a short-term campaign is the subject matter – the approach and tactics are the same as social marketing in the day-to-day.

Your organization should always be running a campaign to create awareness and build engagement overall – sharing content and staying connected along the way. That way when you have something special to promote (like a fund drive), you have a well-cultivated audience interested in what you have to say.

And if you have that, every campaign will be set up for success.


SharmaRituHeadshot-751634-editedAbout the author: Ritu Sharma is the CEO of Social Media for Nonprofits, an organization bringing social media education to nonprofits worldwide through signature one-day conference series, webinars, content and online learning. She speaks frequently around the world on a variety of topics in the nonprofit and social media spheres with a passion for effecting social change through social technologies. She writes a blog at the Huffington Post on the intersection of social media, social change and leadership.

For more great social media insights, follow @ritusharma1 on Twitter! 


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