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Getting the most out of EveryAction with Google Analytics

Ryan Moorman

When you use EveryAction digital tools, you get a lot of great information back about your supporters. You learn who is active in your organization, who contributes frequently, and what your supporters care about most. While this informational narrative is essential to running a non-profit digital campaign, it doesn't encompass what can be learned about supporters through web analytics tools like Google Analytics. Google Analytics can produce some excellent top line numbers for your organization, and stitching a larger narrative of usage for your supporters requires a convergence of both of these data sources.

Because of this, we are making some of the information that is available through EveryAction now available for your Google Analytics account to consume. With these integrations, important information like Enhanced Ecommerce and form conversion data can be segmented in your web analytics platform with even more clarity, allowing you to understand who is taking action and why.


Traditionally, if you were trying to valuate your supporters using what you know about them in your database of record, you would look at how much interaction they have with your organization and the quantity and frequency of what they have contributed over time. With EveryAction's Google Analytics integration, you can understand the types of users that are most valuable to your organization through limitless metrics freely available in Google Analytics like conversion rate by segment, acqusition data, desktop versus mobile, and time of day converion rates.

With EveryAction data available to you through your Google Analytics account, you can better value your supporters.


To learn more about the available integrations:

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