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Are You Ready for a Revolution? Introducing EveryAction 8

Melissa Wyers

You’re about to launch a new campaign. It’s got three emails, two direct mail pieces, a phone call, a take action, and Facebook ads.

How many databases would you need to run this multi-channel campaign?
  1.    One
  2.    Two
  3.    Three
  4.    Four
  5.    Five or more

If your answer is more than one, you might be ready for a revolution.

Too much of the nonprofit community continues to wrestle with multiple databases that all “speak different languages.” Like novice language students practicing their skills on one another, there are lots of smiles and nods - but not much in the way of real conversation.

Most of us long-ago memorized all the best practices:

  • always be donor centric
  • know where your supporter is on the engagement ladder, and move her up
  • multi-channel campaigns raise more money and produce more actions
  • be mobile-friendly always
  • don’t miss your supporters on social media

But the ugly secret is that your tools don’t really support these best practices.

Our mission at EveryAction is to change this forever.  We are building the tools that will let you easily and efficiently employ best practices (and test crazy, innovative, new ideas) and go home on time most nights.

So today we are launching EveryAction 8. Our fully unified platform.

EveryAction is leading a revolution in the progressive nonprofit community.

 EveryAction 8

EveryAction 8 is powered by a single unified database and offers an omni-channel feature set that empowers you to engage with your supporters wherever they are.  That means:

  • through email
  • on your website
  • via social media
  • over the phone
  • in the mail
  • at events
  • through SMS

Across every channel.

With EveryAction 8, each of these are best of breed feature sets. For instance, our digital tools include one click contributions and actions, network effect prefilling, conditional content, dynamic ask strings, automatic matching to social network profiles, industry best email deliverability, and many more advanced features.

Once you connect with your constituents, whatever they do or say goes immediately back into your single database. You get a complete picture of how your constituents relates to you and how you can best target your efforts to deepen your engagement with them.

EveryAction 8

So for instance--Jessica Nelson has been in your mid-level donor program for two years now. Open her record in EveryAction 8 and you’ll immediately know:

  • She gave her first gift of $50 to your direct mail prospecting piece in 2007.
  • She takes action online about three times a year—and you can see the topic of each action she completed.
  • She became a $28 monthly giver in 2011 from your year-end telemarketing campaign.
  • You invited her to your gala in 2012 and 2013, and in 2014 she finally came and brought her daughter as her guest.  She met major gift officer, Susan Phillips, that night.
  • Susan emailed her a new issue report.
  • Susan mailed her a birthday card.
  • Jessica signed up online to volunteer and completed three shifts.
  • At year-end last year, your colleague Susan mailed her a packet to join your mid-level donor program. She followed up with a phone call and Jessica pledged to give $2,500 in 2016.

Remember, you’re not reading the report your research person took 3 days to put together. You just typed Jessica Nelson into EveryAction 8 and all this information immediately appeared. Plus, you can segment on every piece of data on Jessica’s and every other constituent’s record.


So back to our multi-channel campaign:

Two appeal emails, two direct mail pieces, a phone call, a take action, Facebook ad.

In EveryAction 8, select your target audience, segment your list accordingly, send your emails, generate your mail plan for the printer, create your phone script and call list, set up your online action, create your list for targeted Facebook ads. All in your single, unified system.

Plus, you’ll also get a series of innovative new features like social advocacy and engagement hierarchy.

This is possible because EveryAction 8 is one CRM. Not two or three CRMs that you buy from one company, are kinda integrated, and sync some but not all the data.

With EveryAction 8 you get digital, fundraising, advocacy, volunteer and events management, all in a single unified system.

Are you ready for a revolution?