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What We're Building: Multi-Channel Fundraising Tools for Nonprofits

Lily Ickow

At EveryAction, we know that raising money supports everything else you do, so the time you spend raising money matters.

We also know that it’s not all you want to do, so we want to make it easier for you to find and keep donors so you can focus more on everything else.

That's why we designed our payment processing tools to be efficient, easy to use, and flexible to meet the needs of your organization and your donors. We’ve spent the past year building tools around payment processing, sustaining giving, and multi-channel fundraising, and we're excited to tell you all about them!

Options, options, options.

First, we support a wide variety of methods for processing gifts. Donors can give to your nonprofit through online forms by credit card, electronic funds transfer, and PayPal. We never want a potential donor to walk away because they can’t give the way that works best for them, so we want to support you in offering the most useful payment methods for both one-time and sustaining giving.

Many donors love the ease of PayPal giving, and organizations can save significant time and money with the stability and low processing fees for electronic funds transfers, particularly for sustaining giving.

Once sustaining gifts are in EveryAction, you’ll now have a variety of options at your disposal to manage these gifts. You can update your sustaining gifts to meet the needs of any donor - the amount, next payment date, end date, and payment information can all be edited to change the terms on which the gift is charged in the future.

When any of these changes are made, they are tracked in an "Update History" section on the commitment record so the user has a clear picture of the commitment and donor.

Commitments can also be easily canceled within EveryAction, so there’s no disconnect between different systems or danger of your records being out-of-date.

These options are supported for all payment methods and channels:

  • A donor wants to increase their PayPal sustaining gift from $10 to $20?
  • A sustainer’s credit card expires and they give you their bank information to start charging their gift via electronic funds transfer?
  • Someone requests that their gift charge on the 15th of the month rather than the 1st?

All easily accomplished by your organization!


Sustain your sustaining gifts.

For times when there is an issue processing a recurring gift, we store a record of any processing failures on the gift so that you can easily see if a commitment has failed and needs to be addressed.

You can search for contacts with commitments with a processing failure in a specific date range so you can know exactly who to contact to request updates to their payment information.

We've also enhanced the logic by which we process and retry recurring commitments - we follow best practices for retrying, scheduling, and terminating commitments as needed, so we can save you time in having to monitor and manage your sustaining gifts.

Soon, we’ll also be integrating with Account Updater services that automatically update credit cards you have on file so your sustaining gifts continue charging with no interruption and no need to contact your donors - more on that soon!

All of these features are designed to support you in gaining and keeping donors, particularly sustainers, save you time, and help you maximize the revenue from your donors, so you can spend your time on the things that matter most.


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