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Highlights from EveryAction's Inaugural User Summit

Rohita Javangula

Last week, we had the honor of hosting our first ever User Summit in Washington D.C. Over 50 EveryAction partners - including Greenpeace USA, Equality Federation, and National Women's Law Center - joined us at our headquarters for an afternoon filled with panel discussions, product showcases, and ample networking opportunities.

We kicked off the day with attendees sharing their current successes and challenges. Users were most excited about scaling their data, unifying their platforms, and leveraging supporters for even more growth. Our very own in-house experts led sessions on mobilizing sustainers, enhancing email deliverability, and some insider advice on making the most out of EveryAction. Attendees even got a preview of our upcoming data visualization tools.

As part of our mission to convene an array of thought leaders and experts in the industry, we also spent time looking ahead to 2018 and covering emerging trends in politics, including the role of fundraising and technology - like shifting demographics in donors, the importance of state races, and maintaining donor confidence.

We caught up with Melissa Wyers, Executive Director of EveryAction, to talk about the User Summit and the importance of connecting do-gooders with others they can learn from and work with, but whom they wouldn’t typically cross paths.

User Summit

Where did the idea of the User Summit come from and what did you want clients to get out of it?

This idea was really client-driven. It came from them and the desire to meet one another and engage face-to-face with staff. We were really excited to be able to facilitate that with our first ever user summit and connect our staff with our clients. We really wanted everyone to be able to solidify communications and enhance existing relationships.


What would you say were the key successes of the Summit?

First of all, we had an amazing turnout with this being the first summit we’ve hosted. I think everyone was really happy with the range of topics covered. We had a lot of incredible staff sharing their expertise from everything to future trends in fundraising to email deliverability to growing your sustainers. However, I think the greatest success was just the sense of hopefulness you get in a room where you have like-minded people working towards a cause.


You interact with clients on a daily basis. What was the feedback from the Summit?

I think people really liked the format of the summit, having short workshops and panel sessions but also leaving time for clients to meet one another and meet with the staff. From what we heard, attendees always love the opportunity to demo our new features and get a glimpse at what new tools are in development. It was the right mix of information and connectivity for our attendees and we’re excited to continue to feature that in our events.


Awesome! So, what's next?

Well, we want to keep collecting feedback from our attendees but the key focus will always be clients connecting and learning from one another and from our staff. We really want to keep creating a collaborative environment that brings smart, like-minded people in the same room working for good.


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