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Stu Trevelyan


For too long, nonprofits have been living with a patchwork quilt of fundraising and engagement products. Some products are good at fundraising, some good at engagement. Some are good at online, some good at offline.

But, many nonprofits suffer through having silo’d data and tools, and interact with supporters and prospects based on only that tool, leading to less than ideal outcomes. And, integrations between these critically-related systems are expensive: in time, money, and missed opportunities.

Every action taken is less powerful than it could be, and the reaction of your supporters is equally reduced.

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At EveryAction, we really get nonprofits. Our staff have worked at national and local nonprofits, and at other nonprofit tech providers like Blackbaud, Convio, Salsa, and Kintera. I founded and ran CTSG, a pioneering internet tools provider to hundreds of nonprofits ranging from Amnesty International to the World Wildlife Fund. We understand nonprofit needs intimately, and what you need to raise money and support. 

And that’s why we built EveryAction: to provide you with a unified tool that cuts across fundraising and engagement, across online and offline. 

Making the most of EveryAction you take.

Our platform has been used by thousands of organizations and campaigns, large and small, to raise billions of dollars, send billions of emails, and recruit millions of new supporters.

With EveryAction, you get a unified view of your supporter, across all email clicks, online petition actions, offline events attended, contributions made offline, contributions made online, and social network data. Prepopulate a supporter’s online contribution page with the pledge she made over the phone. Empower her to raise money on your behalf from her peers, online or off.

With this new perspective of your supporters, you'll have the data you need to empower people to support your cause.

Plus, our support team cares actually cares about the causes with which we work, and we staff it so that 95% of our client support calls are answered by the 5th ring, by a qualified person that can answer your question. At 165 people, our staff is big enough to innovate, and small enough to take care of you.

And you can get EveryAction for prices that start at $49/month.

Stop settling for patching together a crazy quilt of technology that cripples your effectiveness. Make EveryAction count.

Photo credit: Vladimir Arndt / Shutterstock.com

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