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7 Nonprofit Campaigns We Can't #RESIST

Divya Kunapuli

Every successful campaign starts with a moment. Whether you're raising money to build a new school or curing a worldwide epidemic, a single moment drives the need for a campaign. This year, no moment has been more controversial than the rollout of the recent immigration ban. In challenging the policies of the Trump administration, nonprofits are at the forefront of the resistance movement.

To that point, we're highlighting seven powerful campaigns from organizations that are working to fight for the rights of our most vulnerable populations, and ways you can get involved to further their fight.



With a simple act of defiance in the days following the inauguration, Greenpeace solidified its place in the #resist movement - and they're encouraging citizen activists to carry the spirit forward as much and as often as possible.

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In the face of an unprecedented travel ban, the Anti-Defamation League launched this campaign to tell the real stories of those refugees seeking entry into the U.S. and the immigrants that helped build this nation.

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Emerge America wants to know, "Why aren’t more women running for office?" This campaign is dedicated to helping women overcoming the "political ambition gap" and empowering more of them to run for office.

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Marking 50 years since the march from Selma to Montgomery, the Southern Poverty Law Center is telling the stories of the forgotten heroes of the fight for voting rights and asks people to share the issues they are fighting for today.

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In response to the persistent messages of fear and hate that are dominating the national conversation, Amnesty International's campaign is lifting the voices of Americans who reject prejudice and bigotry, and embrace our values of inclusiveness and respect for human rights.

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The Indivisible Guide began as a grassroots effort to support a new and growing resistance. Now, after over a million downloads and sign ups from almost every congressional district in the country, the campaign has grown into a movement.

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Echoing Ida

Echoing Ida, a project from Forward Together, aims to amplify the voices of Black women and nonbinary writers to help make the media more representative of their experiences. 

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