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12 Nonprofit Donation Pages That Don’t Suck

The EveryAction Team

Is your donation page holding you back? No? Are you sure?

Too many nonprofit donation pages are suffering from common donation page problems like unresponsiveness, length, general clutter, and even security issues that put potential donors off and sap resources away from causes that matter. 

The time to improve and optimize your donation page is now.

Of course, it’s not enough just to say what’s wrong with donation pages. That’s why we decided to showcase some shining examples of everything a donation page can and should be with the 12 Best Nonprofit Donation Page Examples guide.

If you're wondering how to transform your donation page into a lean, mean, donor-converting machine, here's some inspiration.


Branding + Design

Consistent, strong branding reflects confidence. Carrying over branding elements like colors, fonts, and logos while axing navigation elements assures your donors they’re in the right place without distracting or confusing them.


American Heart Association

AHA donation page branding gets it right

The American Heart Association gets it right with their page,  infusing its design with familiar branding built around a simple, step-by-step process.


Project C.U.R.E.

Project CURE donation page with compelling copy and imagery

Project C.U.R.E.'s page has nailed down the basics that so many other pages stumble on: clear branding, useful & informative copy, and compelling imagery both reassure donors and remind them of their donation's impact.


Oxfam America

Oxfam America's donation page is gorgeous and functional

If beautiful design were the only criteria, this would be the winner. Oxfam America's opening page combines their branding cues and elements with clear links between your support and the impact that it has on those in need. Unlike so many pages out there, Oxfam America makes a great case for you to donate at multiple levels.


Represent Columbus

Represent Columbus multistep donation form looks and works great

Represent Columbus combines great branding and copy with modern innovations in form design like multi-step functionality, progress bars, and supporter profile recall to great effect. It's not enough just to have good design and copy without a smooth user experience or vice versa - great pages combine these elements.


Multi - Step Forms

Full disclosure: we ♡ multi-step forms.

Multi-step forms break up the complex donation process into simple chunks, resulting in a generally superior user experience and, in our experience, higher conversions. They also have the benefit of being far more mobile-friendly and visually attractive than regular, single-step forms. Here are four of the best multi-step donation pages around.


NextGen Climate

NextGen donation page is about one thing

NextGen Climate’s donation page is a paragon of simplicity and focus. They’ve stripped away all the unnecessary navigation elements and put a slick, attractive multi-step form dead center - no distractions, no frustrations.



Everytown donation page is an all-around victory

Everytown’s donation page is an all-around victory. Great copy, relevant image, responsive design, multi-step form, inline validation… color us impressed. Speaking of color, whoever designed their form is obviously good at their job - the bold and attractive colors clearly communicate vital actions and information.



NAVSO plus FastAction equals donating with ease

Much like Everytown, NAVSO’s donation page is a combination of great design and copy with a modern, easy to use form. They even use FastAction, so previous donors can avoid re-adding their information and donate in a single click.


The American Prospect

American Prospect clean design keeps donors focused on givingNo distracting navigation, American Prospect's colors in all the right places, and a seamless multi-step form. Really, what more can ask for in a donation page?



Over 50% of users are browsing on mobile devices these days, so please, please, make sure your donation page is responsive. These sites show how a mobile responsive donation page should reformat for small screens and make donating on-the-go pleasant, not painful.


charity: water

charity: water looks great on mobile

Before we get into any mobile stuff, we'd like to point out that this page is very, very pretty. Between all those cute icons and that flat design, charity: water's site looks great. Open this page up on mobile, and none of that beauty is lost - the form fields go full width, the text increases in size, and each step of the donation page slips by in a flash. Take note, everyone.


Justice at Stake

Mobile donation is easy with Justice at Stake

Although managing complex web pages and processes on mobile phones sucks, Justice at Stake's page shows how just breaking up the donor's task into 2-4 steps makes the process that much less overwhelming. And if your donors have given before, tools like FastAction mean they can skip all those pesky fields (multi-step or not) and donate right away!


GetUp mobile donation encourages giving

Each part of using GetUp!'s donation page on mobile is quick, friendly, and even empowering. Hitting that donate button after reading inspiring copy and not being frustrated by confusing error messages or tiny text feels great - just how donating to your favorite cause should.


Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise utilizes responsive design

Don't have time to change out your form for a brand new multi-step one? No worries - there's still plenty you can do to make donating on mobile a breeze. If you make your existing form responsive with form fields that neatly fit the screen width, incorporate sans-serif fonts, and use generous spacing as Pencils of Promise has, your donation page will be user-friendly to donors on all devices. 

Fixing up your donation page is probably the single biggest bang-for-buck improvement you can make to your website. You wouldn’t ride your bike with the tires flat, so why run a campaign encumbered by a poor donation experience? A better donation page can boost your campaign metrics, build a recurring donor base, and attract new supporters to your cause.

Whether you're new to online fundraising or just need some donation inspiration, check out the 12 Best Nonprofit Donation Page Examples guide. 


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