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    GUIDE: Voter Registration Campaigns for Nonprofits

    October 2, 2018

    For nonprofits which engage in advocacy around civic engagement or political issues, voter registration drives are a great tool for activating your volunteer base, deepening relationships within your community, and increasing local democratic participation.

    • digital

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    • testing

    5 Easy Ways Nonprofits Can Use Testing to Increase Digital Engagement

    September 27, 2018

    There’s no secret trick to instantly improving digital engagement for nonprofits. 

    • fundraising

    3 Steps to Getting Your Board More Involved in Fundraising

    September 26, 2018

    Getting development teams and their nonprofit boards to work in alignment can be challenging.

  • Here's 28 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Switch to EveryAction

    September 24, 2018

    Thousands of nonprofits use EveryAction software every day to raise money, manage offline fundraising through pledges and grants, send emails, run nonprofit digital advocacy campaigns, and so much more.

    • fundraising

    • major gifts

    Why You Should Start Creating a Mid-Level Donor Program ASAP

    September 21, 2018

    By focusing a little extra energy on your mid-level donors, you can raise more money and create a quality pipeline for your major gifts officers.

    • nonprofit storytelling

    Storytelling Workouts for Year-End Fundraising

    September 14, 2018

    As End of Year Fundraising quickly approaches we've started to think of what you can do now to ensure a successful fundraising season. With so many EOY campaigns, one of the most powerful ways for donors to connect with your cause is through the power of storytelling.

  • Five Signs You Should Use Confirmed Opt-In For Your Emails

    September 12, 2018

    Building out an email list is a science; each factor from your subject line to the length of your email body, to the timing of your send can contribute to your list growth. 

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    Keep Better Contact Records with the Personal Email to Notes Feature

    September 12, 2018

    For fundraisers, the clarity of each donor contact record matters. A clean and complete contact record saves time and provides fundraisers with the full picture.

    • Hispanic Heritage Month

    11 Hispanic and Latino Organizations Everyone Should Know

    September 12, 2018

    Hispanic Heritage Month, officially founded in 1968, occurs each year from September 15 to October 15, a period which includes the anniversary of independence of eight Latin American countries. During National Hispanic Heritage Month in the U.S., we recognize the contributions made by and the important presence of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the United States, and celebrate their heritage and culture. 

  • [Guide] Creating Video for Nonprofits

    September 7, 2018

    When you're building a movement, video is an indispensable storytelling tool.