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Leading Nonprofits Use "Social Advocacy" to Move Supporters to Action

Divya Kunapuli

EveryAction has been already been recognized as the industry leader in the nonprofit technology space for its cutting-edge advocacy tools. Whether it's because of online engagement forms or targeted email, leading advocacy organizations have turned to EveryAction in order to better engage & mobilize their supporters. This year, we took online advocacy to the next level - by releasing our new Social Advocacy tool.

What is Social Advocacy & Why Does it Matter?

Social Advocacy is a new tool available for EveryAction users to better engage their supporters by combining our industry-leading online forms with the grassroots power of Twitter.

Organizations can easily build a Social Advocacy form by choosing elected officials that they would like supporters to target on Twitter, compose a message, and then direct supporters to the form. Watch how it works below:

The landscape of grassroots advocacy and lobbying elected officials is rapidly evolving. For years, phone calls, in-person meetings, and snail mail were the exclusive methods for citizens to engage their elected officials. That's changed with the rise of online organizing.

"Online organizing tools have made it much easier for constituents to send messages to their elected officials but, unfortunately, nothing has been done on the receiving end to keep up and ensure that elected officials are able to listen to all of their constituents. We created Social Advocacy because we wanted to allow voices to be heard,” says Sarah Singer, Senior Product Manager at EveryAction

Recently, the Congressional Management Foundation found that 80 percent of Capitol Hill staffers said that fewer than 30 comments on social media were enough to get their office to “pay attention” to views on a particular issue.

That fact alone presents nonprofits and advocacy groups with an enormous opportunity to get their message in front of politicians like never before.

Already, several leading nonprofit organizations have tried out Social Advocacy on EveryAction - here are some of their experiences.


Pushing Congress to Act on Gun Legislation

Following the tragic Orlando shooting in June 2016, the Brady Campaign & Center to Prevent Gun Violence used EveryAction’s Social Advocacy tool to direct their supporters to tweet at members of Congress to take up sensible gun safety legislation. Over a very short time period, Brady Campaign supporters across the country used Social Advocacy to send over 2,200 tweets to 431 different U.S Senators and members of Congress, adding to the thousands of others voicing support for gun legislation.


(Click the image above to try the Brady Campaign's Social Advocacy form)

“We really liked the Social Advocacy tool,” said Amanda Foster, Digital Fundraising Specialist at the Brady Campaign. “I think when it comes to advocacy you have to use all the tools that are available to you, and Twitter is definitely one that has been on the scene for several years, and it’s something that lots of Members of Congress are widely using.”


Advocacy in Support of Our National Parks

The National Parks Conservation Association, a nonpartisan group that advocates on behalf of our national parks, is another major national organization taking advantage of Social Advocacy.


(Click the image above to try NPCA's Social Advocacy form)

Ed Stierli, Director of NPCA’s Find Your Voice initiative, said recently: “We do a lot of online organizing. NPCA urges supporters to contact members of Congress via email, digital postcards, and social media. In fact, I think we were one of the first organizations to try out EveryAction’s new Social Advocacy tool. We've used that to get people tweeting at their members of Congress about the importance of protecting the national parks, right from the parks themselves.

Currently, Find Your Voice allows supporters to use Social Advocacy to tweet at Congress and urge them to support the National Parks Centennial Act - which invests in the Centennial Challenge, a public-private funding partnership; establishes an endowment; and supports our nation’s youth and volunteers.

With so many important issues at stake, nonprofits and advocacy groups need a robust set of engagement and advocacy tools to effectively engage their supporters and elected officials. Social Advocacy is one more way that EveryAction is making it easier for organizations to do just that

To find out how Social Advocacy can help your nonprofit bring advocacy to the next level, click here!

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