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6 Ways to Take Action in the Next Week to Celebrate Earth Day

Marcella Vitulli

Earth Day is this Saturday and there's so much you can do to defend, fund, and educate yourself on the critical environmental issues we face as a global population - here are six to get you started.


1. Show up for science 

Need plans for the weekend? The March for Science and the People's Climate Movement are set for April 22 and April 29 respectively, and no matter where you live, there's ample opportunity to participate. Check out the event websites for information on how to donate to partner organizations and attend sister marches across the U.S. 



2. Explore a national park

We're nearing the end of National Park Week, but despite their significance to our country, national parks still require conservation efforts to fund and maintain them. So get out there, #findyourpark, and support the work of the National Parks Conservation Association, which ensures future generations get the chance to enjoy our parks, too.


Sierra Club Earth Day

3. Take a hike

Can't make a march? Don't have time to plan a national park adventure? Sierra Club chapters will be hiking "every corner of the world" to spread awareness this Earth Day and you can easily participate (and get a sweet t-shirt) by getting outside, recruiting friends and family, and snapping photos of your hike, all while fundraising for the planet.  



4. Stand for birds, bees, and other pollinators

Ecosystems across our planet depend on the sustaining of bee and other insect pollinator populations. Many bird and bat species (like the climate-endangered Allen's Hummingbird pictured above) also play a critical role in pollinating the environment and, like bees, are in danger due to threats to their environments.

Check out the work of organizations like the First Nations Project, which supports native communities and pollinators alike in the Navajo Nation through beekeeping. You can also donate to the National Audubon Society between now and April 23 and your Earth Day gift will be matched.


Resist Earth Day

5. Divest and invest

Learn more about renewable energy sources like wind energy and then look at your investments and take steps to ensure you're not inadvertently funding causes or companies that are damaging the environment - check out 350.org's Fossil Free campaign for ways to get started.

You can also take action on EPA funding with Greenpeace and demand the government continue to support the agency's work in curbing our carbon footprint and enacting responsible regulations on industries contributing to climate change.



6. Demand science, not silence

Fact-check, stay informed, resist. One of the most important actions you can take on Earth Day is to simply refuse fact-denying, anti-science rhetoric and demand that lawmakers listen to scientists and experts and #ActOnClimate.

Donate to organizations like the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Center for Biological Diversity, get involved with the Environmental Voter Project, take urgent climate actions with NextGen Climate, and get the real facts about the issues from organizations like Environmental Progress.


What are you doing to mark Earth Day? Tell us about the actions you're taking (big or small) on Twitter at @EveryActionHQ!


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